How to Vote: Amplify your Voice through Zero Theft

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The success of our fight against the crony capitalists and corrupt officials rides on your participation through authoring theft proposals and, most importantly, your votes. We, the founders of the Zero Theft Movement, do not and should not get to determine what areas of the economy are rigged. All citizens should have a say on where we are getting ripped off and how much is being taken from us. Your votes are THE factor in determining what proposals most accurately represent a potential instance of theft.

That’s how a democracy works, and we want to honor that. This movement belongs to all of us, not just one person or a few people. 

On a related note, we have decided to use Ethereum Classic (ETC) smart contracts to put your votes on the blockchain. These technologies make all of your work permanent, near-impossible to erase, and public to all. To vote, you or your Holon must pay a small fee, which entirely goes to keeping the Zero Theft blockchain up and running. Take a tour to further understand the reasoning behind our technology and software.


Before you start reading this how-to, have you taken the steps required to vote?

Created an account and registered as a voter?

Joined a holon? 

Registered your wallet?

Read our guide on understanding proposals?

How to Vote

1. Read the problem description(s). Different citizens will likely define the same problem in significantly different ways, so it’s important you take your time completing this step.

2. Select Continue when you are ready to vote.

  1. Note: For most proposals, the year of theft will default to the most recent year with complete data.  The current year, or even a year that has ended recently, can mean important financial data is incomplete or not yet available. You are also free to go back in the archives and vote on past years. This is necessary for potential instances of theft that occurred in a specific period of time (e.g. 2008 Mortgage Crisis).
ready to vote on illegal to negotiate medicare prices

3. Next, find the proposal you believe makes the most convincing case for rigged economy theft. Select Select this one. If you are certain theft did not occur, select Skip.

finding the proposal of the most convincing case for rigged economy theft

4. Find the proposal you believe makes the most convincing case against rigged economy theft (i.e. that no theft is occurring or savings are being made). Select Select this one. If you are certain theft occurred, you can select Skip.

find the proposal you believe makes the most convincing case against rigged economy theft

5. Now you can read through both the for and against proposals side-by-side and decide which one presents the more compelling argument. Either select I vote YES or I vote NO. You also have the option of going back and changing either proposal to a new one (or even one you author yourself).

want to vote - yes or no

6. When you have made your choice, you can agree with the amount stolen/amount gained estimated by the proposal or enter your own amount. Either way you vote, we encourage you to comment with your reasoning. 

7. Select I approve this vote when you’re done. 

8. You will need to pay for the vote to be inserted into the blockchain (learn why).  You may also be on a Holon that might offer to fund your vote (learn more).  This will require that you have a wallet set up in your browser (set up your wallet).

9. When the vote is recorded, we encourage you to rate the quality of the proposal.

rate the quality of proposal

Amplify your voice

Any questions? Contact

Eradicate the Rigged Layer with the Zero Theft Movement 

The rigged layer of the U.S. economy rips all of us off, including YOU. Crony capitalists and officials who have succumbed to regulatory capture have created the 50 years of wage stagnation and violations of antitrust laws.

The Zero Theft Movement seeks to end the corporatocracy and rid moneyed interests from politics. Our mission is, and will continue to be, on waking up 330 million American citizens to the truth. We can all profit from an ethical, powerful, and safe economy if we stand up against the crony capitalists.  

Will you refuse this call to action, or take action to eliminate the rigged layer of the economy?

View how much is being stolen, according to the public

Investigate your areas of interest

All areas of our economy could be experiencing rigging by crony capitalists and corrupt officials. We need to systematically investigate each instance in order to find out if best evidence suggests it is truly rigged. 

Alternatively, find an area that interests you most. 

Serve your fellow citizens as a citizen investigator

The success of our movement rests in your hands, the leaders willing to dedicate time to conduct investigations into potentially rigged areas of the economy. With your valuable work, the movement has no solid ground to stand on, no foundations, no proof, to actually hold those corrupting our system accountable for their actions.

Commitment to nonpartisanship

The rigged layer causes all of us to suffer, regardless of our political allegiances. If we are to eliminate rigged economy theft, we have to set aside our differences and band together against crony capitalists and corrupt officials. 

Free Educational Content

An educated public is an empowered public. 

We regularly publish informative articles on that teach you all about the rigged layer of the economy in short, digestible pieces. You can better protect yourself and others from the schemes of crony capitalists by reading our articles.

Standard Disclaimer

The Zero Theft Movement does not have any interest in partisan politics/competition or attacking/defending one side. We seek to eradicate theft from the U.S economy. In other words, how the wealthy and powerful rig the system to steal money from us, the everyday citizen. We need to collectively fight against crony capitalism in order for us to all profit from an ethical economy.   

Terms like ‘steal,’ ‘theft,’ and ‘crime’ will frequently appear throughout the book. Zero Theft will NOT adhere strictly to the legal definitions of these terms (since congress sells out). We have broadly and openly defined terms like ‘steal’ and ‘theft’ to refer to the rigged economy and other debated unethical acts that can cause citizens to lose out on money they deserve to keep.