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Holon comes from the Greek word holos (“whole”), and refers to something that is a simultaneous whole and a part. The Zero Theft Movement utilizes the term to refer to interpretive groups or communities. Citizens in any given Holon (e.g. University of Florida) share some significant common ground that informs their views on the rigged layer of the economy. 

You must join a holon in order to participate in the Zero Theft Movement and access your fellow citizens’ reports and proposals. Your membership in any holon does not limit you from joining others and/or seeing their perspectives on issues. In fact, we encourage you to explore how other groups interpret proposed cases of rigged activity.


To join a holon, make sure you have done the following:

Reputation and Complaints

selecting which holon you want to join

A Holon’s reputation (shown as n out of 5 stars) depends on member participation, citizen reviews, service availability and uptime, and other factors. Users can file complaints (the count shown by the emoticon face) if they believe questionable activity is going on. All complaints are subject to review by everyone involved in the Zero Theft Movement, not just the owners and members of the Holon in question. 

The host’s location does not dictate the geographical focus of the holon’s content. As depicted in the screenshot above, an individual living in Spain can start a University of California San Diego Alumni holon. 

Once you have joined a Holon, the app begins tracking and displaying any changes to its reputation ratings and complaints from the point you register. This provides you with personalized trends for your selected Holon, so you can decide whether it is the right one to stay with or time to look elsewhere.

Holon Profiles

Holon profile

When you select a holon, you will see statistics and ownership details at the top. Most notably, the owner’s Linked-In page and their email address are public and available to all Zero Theft users to see. 

To learn more about the holon, you can read the description the owners have written themselves. This should give you a sense of the holon’s focus and its general view of what its members generally view as rigged economy theft. Ideally, the summary serves as an additional piece of information to help you decide if you want to join the holon. That being said, you aren’t forced to remain a member of a holon forever. Your beliefs and views will likely change and develop over time, so forcing anyone to stick with a holon would be both unfair and counterproductive.

For even more information, you can access a holon’s ‘integrity profile.’ This YAML file further explains the holon’s policies and/or approach dictating their views and interpretations of the rigged layer of the economy. The integrity profile also documents the voters who have been prohibited from voting due to questionable behavior.

Joining a Holon

If you feel like you’ve found the right holon for you, select Set as my holon. Alternatively, even if you don’t want to join the holon, you can help them by donating. They can only use those funds to cover the small fees required to post votes and proposals on the blockchain

Holon-funded Votes

Voting and proposal authoring require real money (albeit a small amount) to place into the Blockchain. Even so, some Holons will pay for your vote through their Pay-It-Forward fund. This service is a community cash reserve, which generous citizens donate to. They cannot decide who gets to use the donated funds or influence the vote.

The Pay-It-Forward fund may have extra security measures in place before a citizen can use it. Holons can, for example, verify you are a real human, or only pay for your first vote. 

Pay-It-Forward works as follows: you sign the data package containing the vote, and the package then gets sent to the Holon for payment. The Holon can only upload your vote to the blockchain; it does not have the ability to modify or even see your vote. 

If a Holon pays for your vote, you might want to repay the favor later by contributing to its Pay-It-Forward fund. That way, the Holon (and the Zero Theft Movement as a whole) can make voting as accessible as possible to anyone who might be interested in eradicating the rigged layer of the economy. 

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Eliminate the Rigged Layer with the Zero Theft Movement 

The rigged layer of the U.S. economy rips all of us off, including YOU. Crony capitalists and officials who have succumbed to regulatory capture have created the 50 years of wage stagnation and violations of antitrust laws. 

The Zero Theft Movement seeks to end the corporatocracy and rid moneyed interests from politics. Our mission is, and will continue to be, on waking up 330 million American citizens to the truth. We can all profit from an ethical, powerful, and safe economy if we stand up against the crony capitalists.  

Will you refuse this call to action, or take action to eliminate the rigged layer of the economy? 

View how much is being stolen, according to the public

Investigate your areas of interest

All areas of our economy could be experiencing rigging by crony capitalists and corrupt officials. We need to systematically investigate each instance in order to find out if best evidence suggests it is truly rigged.

Alternatively, find an area that interests you most.

Serve your fellow citizens as a citizen investigator

The success of our movement rests in your hands, the leaders willing to dedicate time to conduct investigations into potentially rigged areas of the economy. With your valuable work, the movement has no solid ground to stand on, no foundations, no proof, to actually hold those corrupting our system accountable for their actions. 

Commitment to nonpartisanship

The rigged layer causes all of us to suffer, regardless of our political allegiances. If we are to eliminate rigged economy theft, we have to set aside our differences and band together against crony capitalists and corrupt officials. 

Free Educational Content

An educated public is an empowered public. 

We regularly publish informative articles on that teach you all about the rigged layer of the economy in short, digestible pieces. You can better protect yourself and others from the schemes of crony capitalists by reading our articles.

Standard Disclaimer

The Zero Theft Movement does not have any interest in partisan politics/competition or attacking/defending one side. We seek to eradicate theft from the U.S economy. In other words, how the wealthy and powerful rig the system to steal money from us, the everyday citizen. We need to collectively fight against crony capitalism in order for us to all profit from an ethical economy.   

Terms like ‘steal,’ ‘theft,’ and ‘crime’ will frequently appear throughout the book. Zero Theft will NOT adhere strictly to the legal definitions of these terms (since congress sells out). We have broadly and openly defined terms like ‘steal’ and ‘theft’ to refer to the rigged economy and other debated unethical acts that can cause citizens to lose out on money they deserve to keep.