Charter / Goals

The Zero Theft Movement develops proprietary software for American citizens to eliminate any rigged parts of the economy. They investigate and vote on:

  • What parts of the U.S. economy are rigged
  • The total amount the public loses due to the rigged economy

Zero Theft Movement’s Social Purpose Report
ZTM Technologies SPC’s Social Purpose Report
June 2021

  1. Introduction
  2. Summary of Objectives
  3. The Full Rigged Economy Report
  4. Legal Theft vs Philosopher’s Unethical Theft
  5. “OUT” the problem: Isolate and Debate it in a Public forum
  6. $3.5+ Billion per year Spent on Lobbyists
  7. How the Public Fixes the Problem
  8. Fix the Problem – with the LEAST risk to the system
  9. Protect the Ethical Economy & High Productivity of our Economy
  10. Citizen Investigators
  11. Problem Proposals
  12. Blockchain
  13. Citizens get “Citizenship to Direct Democracy”
  14. Direct democracy to fix “the otherwise unfixable”
  15. Voters
  16. The FULL REPORT on the Rigged Economy
  17. Deeper Details on Each Part of the Rigged Economy
  18. Actions by the Company
  19. Financial Measures
  20. Operating Measures
  21. Other Measures
  22. Supporting the Black Community

The “ZTM organization” and “ZTM” are often used throughout the document. They refer to the ZTM Technologies SPC and/or the software it releases.


1. Introduction

U.S. citizens want to know IF their economy is rigged, WHERE it’s rigged, HOW MUCH of the economy is rigged (a $ estimate), and methods to HUNT DOWN proof of all of the above. The Zero Theft Movement provides citizens with a convenient, easy-to-use technology to solve these problems. When people join the movement, they can immediately see how citizens have voted on IF, WHERE, and HOW MUCH the economy is rigged.

The Zero Theft Movement develops open-source software, which serves as a virtual voting booth. The voting platform enables citizen investigators to upload the deepest research into foul play throughout the economy. The software also calculates votes and compiles the work of citizen investigators into a clear and accessible FINAL REPORT showing IF, WHERE, and HOW MUCH the economy is rigged. The REPORT gives an estimated dollar amount on the amount rigged, a figure decided solely by the votes of citizens and citizen investigators.

To be completely clear, the founder and members behind the Zero Theft Movement do not decide IF, WHERE, and HOW MUCH the economy is rigged. Only the voting results decide those three matters. The Zero Theft Software’s breakthrough is the creation of a direct-democracy voting booth, which outputs poll results and reports faithfully capturing the voice of the full citizen base (one citizen, one vote).


2. Summary of Objectives

The following list outlines the objectives related to our organization’s social purpose. The rest of this document will directly discuss each objective identified below.

2a. Short-Term Objectives

  1. Convert society’s concept of the “rigged economy” from a vague concept into a calculable problem. ZTM hopes to encourage citizens to systematically address the problem by voting on the following issues: IF the rigged economy exists, WHERE it’s rigged, HOW MUCH money has been taken via the rigged economy
  2. Debate the current size of the rigged economy (if it does exist) and its massive annual growth rate
  3. Recruit citizen investigators (i.e., people willing to research economic areas in-depth to expose the truth)
  4. Convince citizens to read write-ups by citizen investigators and actively question if the economy is rigged
  5. Notify citizens that software to combat the rigged economy in a systematic way is now available
  6. Work on launching the voting software
  7. Work on getting people to vote
  8. Motivate citizen investigators to start researching the initial “problem proposals” entered
  9. Generate interest in running a “holon” (i.e., interpretive communities that view the economy in a distinct way)
  10. Work on getting people to read the Rigged Economy Full Report

2b. Long-Term Objectives

  1. Scale citizen investigators through investigations and authoring problem proposals
  2. Scale citizens voting
  3. Scale journalists so they cover ZTM and the rigged economy. In their articles, they can reference the FULL REPORT and/or cover a specific industry, part of the economy, or political area citizens have voted as being rigged. Journalists can opine on the quality of the evidence, the accuracy of the estimates, and the voting results. They can also propose potential problem areas that might require your investigation and debate
  4. Academics’ various areas of study will often overlap with problem areas included in the ZTM Rigged Economy report. These academic areas could include economics, political science, computer science, mathematics, statistics, cybersecurity, finance, law, pharmaceuticals, medicine, and governance. With their extensive subject matter expertise and research skills, academics in all these areas should strongly consider being a vocal presence in the movement. They can provide insight on if the economy is rigged, how it should be measured, and how direct democracy works in regard to identifying the problem areas. These academics should serve as citizen investigators, authoring problem proposals and pinpointing the highest quality problem proposals relevant to their area of study
  5. Scale holons
  6. Scale political candidates dedicated to fixing the economic problems identified by the ZTM community
  7. Scale political incumbents actually working to eliminate the rigged economy. Especially all the areas the considerable majority of U.S. citizens have voted as rigged.


3. The Full Rigged Economy Report

We hope to rally citizens in our effort to produce the “Full Rigged Economy Report.” This document compiles the top-rated problem reports and voting results for each problem area. Citizens will have the unprecedented opportunity to find out what parts of the economy are rigged and how much is being ripped off (according to their fellow citizens). The Full Report is generated on holon websites and remains publicly available at all times. 


4. Legal Theft vs Philosopher’s Unethical Theft

“Theft,” “stealing,” and other synonyms are cases when money is, figuratively speaking, taken from the victim’s pocket, either by force or through other unethical means, and transferred to the thief’s pocket. Note the key differences between what ZTM calls “legal theft” and the movement’s concept of the “philosopher’s unethical theft.”

LEGAL THEFT: Legal theft refers to THEFT or STEALING that Congress has allowed or ignored. The legislative body can either pass laws that enable bad actors to make extra undue profits off of the American public, or it can block legislative reform that would stop economic elites from ripping off the public legally. 

PHILOSOPHER’S UNETHICAL THEFT: This refers to when a citizen or citizens believe money has been taken unethically, though not necessarily illegally. This is a superset of legal theft. You can view this form of theft as violating anti-theft laws Congress already SHOULD have established long ago.

It is imperative that citizens put on their philosopher’s hat and call out what they believe to be THEFT and STEALING. They must do so to protect themselves and the public from being victims of theft. Citizens should use the concept of the philosopher’s unethical theft to identify where Congress could have sold out the American public. Some of our lawmakers could be legislating based on what benefits a few crony corporations most, ripping off the public in the process. In the context of ZTM, citizens should use the term “rigged” to refer to the areas where theft in any of its forms is occurring.


5. “OUT” the problem: Isolate and Debate it in a Public forum

“The economy is rigged” is a vague, unsubstantiated claim that does not lead to reform. Nobody can clearly judge whether the claim is true or false. Furthermore, calculating the amount unethically taken via a rigged economy seems impossible without an organized, structured approach.

We must only eliminate the rigged parts of the economy, not any of the ethical parts. You can view the rigged parts of the economy as cancer cells eating away at a body (i.e., the economy). Ideally, a state-of-the-art medical device could produce a map showing exactly where the cancer cells are in the patient’s body. The map would enable the doctor to remove the cancer cells WITHOUT touching the healthy cells whatsoever.

ETHICAL ECONOMY: This is the major portion of the economy that equates to the healthy cells in the body. ZTM wants the ethical economy to be in full operation while citizens remove the rigged layer. Without the cancer cells, the ethical economy can truly thrive.

RIGGED LAYER of the ECONOMY: Citizens using the ZTM software will have the power to OUT the rigged layer. This way the public will not confuse or conflate the ethical parts and rigged parts of the economy, allowing the public to eliminate only the cancer cells.


6. $3.5+ Billion per year Spent on Lobbyists

The Zero Theft Movement wants citizen investigators to find the true amount corporations (and others) spend on lobbying.

These are questions ZTM would like all citizens to work together to answer:

  1. Does money spent on lobbying corrupt Congress?
  2. Do corporations spend large amounts on lobbying because they want laws passed or blocked so they can take money from citizens (in a way citizens judge to be unethical)?
  3. Do corporations make undue profits by getting Congress to sell out and pass unethical laws?
  4. Does Congress sell out by either passing laws that rig the economy or blocking legislation that would end rigging?
  5. Do you think money is being taken away from the public through corrupt corporate-Congress relations?

ZTM is concerned that citizens today choose to not answer the questions above. Citizens must address these questions to have the power to fix the rigged economy.

The following chart shows the total lobbying spend annually, from 2016-2019. These statistics appear as the top search result on Google when you look for the amount spent on lobbying in the U.S.

2019$3.51 Billion / year
2018$3.46 Billion / year
2017$3.38 Billion / year
2016$3.16 Billion / year



7. How the Public Fixes the Problem

Our organization is dedicated to fixing the problem by:

  1. Honoring free speech and educating citizens about the problem. With their newfound knowledge of the rigged economy, they can cast better-informed votes during elections for Congress. We must vote for ethical candidates who are committed to eliminating the rigged economy via legislative action.
  2. Empowering citizens by having them collectively decide if the economy is rigged (needed to fix the problem)
  3. Calculating an accurate-as-possible estimate for the dollar amount ripped off via the rigged economy (needed to fix the problem)
  4. Compiling a list of each part of the economy that is rigged (needed to fix the problem)
  5. Seeing the total amount that is ripped off via the rigged economy (needed to fix the problem)

The Zero Theft Movement is dedicated to fixing the rigged economy in an ethical fashion. We believe that violence, for example, is categorically unnecessary to effect positive change. The ZTM direct democracy voting software provides the public with the best tools to eliminate the rigged economy by promoting the following:

  1. Free speech
  2. Free press
  3. Citizen investigators
  4. Citizens voting
  5. Transparency through open-source software and blockchain voting
  6. Government not interfering/blocking/impeding citizens from measuring the rigged economy
  7. Allow citizens to request Congressional incumbents and challengers to fix the economy
  8. Be able to measure IF the rigged economy has been fixed after politicians claim that it has been


8. Fix the Problem – with the LEAST risk to the system

There are good and bad ways for political change to fix the economy:

Zero violenceViolence
Preserve ethical parts of the economy*Remove ethical parts of the economy/production
Democracy & representative democracyUnethical by non-democratic methods
Congress DOES NOT sell out the American peopleCongress sells out & makes it legal to rip off citizens via a rigged economy
Money is NOT unethically taken from citizens via a rigged economyMoney IS unethically taken from citizens via a rigged economy
Free speechCitizens are impeded from free speech, when they talk about the rigged economy
Right to assembleCitizens are impeded from publicly protesting the rigged economy
Freedom of the PressJournalists are impeded from freedom of the press when they write about the rigged economy

* That do not have rigged economy mixed in with their ethical part of the economy

The Zero Theft Movement is dedicated to the GOOD & ETHICAL path above. We must avoid going down the BAD & UNETHICAL path. ZTM’s democratic, transparent, and secure voting platform allows citizens to solve the problem in an ethical and effective manner. By voting on IF the rigged economy exists, WHERE it’s rigged, and its SIZE, society will never experience the items in the BAD & UNETHICAL list above.


9. Protect the Ethical Economy & High Productivity of our Economy

The ethical economy outputs myriad necessities and luxuries: food, housing, transportation, services to keep citizens safe, education (K-12 & University), and so much more.

The goal is to have a powerful tool (voting software) to distinguish the ETHICAL ECONOMY from the RIGGED LAYER. With our platform, we can specifically eliminate the rigged areas without threatening the health of the ethical economy.

We intend to generate public support for our tool to separate the rigged parts of the economy from the ethical parts.


10. Citizen Investigators

The following citizens would likely be a good fit for the role of “citizen investigator”:

  1. Anyone that follows politics and/or economics with some depth
  2. People educated in areas being debated
  3. Or ANY citizen who has a passion to deeply research problem areas or the rigged economy as a whole

Citizen investigators perform the following responsibilities:

  1. Investigate the facts
  2. Get to know the history of cases
  3. Build a case with strong evidence either for or against theft
  4. Calculate dollar estimates for the amount ripped off each year if they propose money was taken unethically from citizens
  5. Cite all sources used (books, articles, etc.) to back up claims

Citizens should construct their proposals in TEXT files that can be entered into the ZTM platform. Investigators should use a syntax (most likely YAML) that is computer-readable in order for our software to conveniently and clearly present voting results, estimates for amount ripped off, evidence, etc. for any given country.

TEXT and schema compatible files (YAML) also enable us to transparently store the evidence, votes, etc. in a public and secure database.


11. Problem Proposals

Problem proposals are the TEXT files that citizen investigators author and submit into the ZTM voting system.

They should:

  1. Specify WHICH part of the economy the problem proposal is assessing
  2. Claim if this specific part of the economy IS rigged or NOT
  3. Provide a text SUMMARY outlining which specific parts of the economic area are rigged
  4. Provide a text DESCRIPTION arguing why those specific parts are rigged
  5. Provide a text DESCRIPTION showing how the citizen investigator calculated the amount ripped off
  6. List approximate financial amounts for each year the citizen investigator claims are rigged
  7. Provide sources (books, articles, etc.) to support facts, history, or their reasoning


12. Blockchain

The ZTM voting software aims to use the blockchain as a database that stores:

  1. Citizens who have registered to vote on the ZTM platform
  2. All votes
  3. All proposals

The reason for storing the information on the Ethereum blockchain is to make all of our work transparent and auditable. By doing so, the movement can build public trust that every vote has come from a real citizen.

Also, tools may be built to identify anyone who attempts to add illegitimate voters or votes. Being open-source means that citizens can help create software, which pinpoints and separates out data that does not map to real citizens (of that country), or voting data that does not come from real citizens.

The software is designed to work in any country but only actual citizens of the given country can vote on proposals. In other words, only U.S. citizens can vote on rigged areas in the U.S. economy. Only Canadian citizens can vote on rigged areas in the Canadian economy. And so on. Each country can have its own rigged economy report. The movement is likely to remain exclusive to the U.S. until we can raise funding to support expansion into other countries.


13. Citizens get “Citizenship to Direct Democracy”

The ZTM software is designed so people can register as a citizen of the country (where they own citizenship)

The goal is that each person can receive a figurative “voter card” enabling them to vote in direct democracy.

The immediate goal is to create incredibly powerful tools to measure a rigged economy.

Blockchain has private encryption/signing keys, which provides security in our system. Furthermore, all citizens must pass our identity check through the registration process. This measure helps us ensure that each citizen’s vote matters.

This ecosystem and platform enable verification tools to help identify:

  1. Real people vs fake people (created by attackers)
  2. Citizenship corresponding to the country being voted on
  3. Each citizen gets only one vote per area (or enable ways that software can potentially catch violations of this rule)

The Zero Theft Movement makes no claim to have official verification of citizenship or personhood. However, the registration system is a major technological breakthrough that provides the foundations for others to build those verification systems. Blockchain’s transparency opens possibilities for many different people/groups to build software tools that monitor some, or even all, of the following:

  1. Each citizen gets only one vote per problem area
  2. Real people vs fake identities
  3. Actual citizenship matches what they claim

The ZTM organization and/or software does not claim to detect these problems. We are just building the technology that may enable others to build software that fully or partially solves these goals.


14. Direct democracy to fix “the otherwise unfixable”

The Zero Theft Movement calls out all citizens who want to make their country HEALTHY and ETHICAL. All citizens who want their country to be safe for their children, and their children’s future children. All citizens who want their country to be a place that fosters safe, secure, and healthy living for all. The Zero Theft Movement needs all of your help.

ZTM EMPOWERS you to solve big hard problems that people may have previously found unfixable. Citizens should view that our software (and the people behind the Zero Theft Movement) has created the technological breakthroughs necessary to fix seemingly unsolvable problems like the rigged economy.

Some people are passionate about fixing climate change, systemic racism, wealth inequality, or other big issues. ZTM’s direct-democracy software can serve as the tool needed to solve those problems. If the problems you care about haven’t been solved yet, perhaps it’s because the current representative democracy has blocked your efforts. Especially when considering how the wealthy and corporations can corrupt congress (and parliaments) across the globe. Please support the Zero Theft Movement and the software + technological ecosystem. Your support will result in a robust voting platform that enables you to solve all kinds of big problems our countries face.

If representative democracies worked properly, the big problem you face would have been solved already. Your support of the Zero Theft Movement (software + ecosystem + people) will empower citizens all around the globe to solve your remaining problems.


15. Voters

First, register to be an “unverified” citizen in the ZTM software. Then go through the process to get verified* using the software.

Then please vote. Voting is how we solve the rigged economy and demonstrate the power of these tools to solve other systemic problems citizens face.


16. The FULL REPORT on the Rigged Economy

The first thing citizens do is go to to download the Full Rigged Economy Report. It quickly and clearly informs you on the problem across the economy but also lets you dig into specific areas that interest you. The evidence and estimates will shock many when they realize how prevalent the problem could be.

Although voting will start with a few people, we will continue to attract citizens to grow our voter base. We hope you vote in order to have us progress this report, so it can more accurately reflect public sentiments. View the Full Report now:


17. Deeper Details on Each Part of the Rigged Economy

The goal is for citizens to learn more about the rigged economy through the Full Report. It will feature the following elements:

  1. The top of the Full Report on the Rigged Economy shows how much is unethically taken across the entire economy, according to voters
  2. The table of contents lists the potential problem areas of the economy citizens
  3. The Full Report allows you to go on specific areas of the economy. You can see the charts, rigged economy amounts, voting results for that exact part of the economy. Also, you can read the leading citizen investigator’s TEXT report on WHY they claim it is rigged and check all their sources.

The Full Report shows about 2 pages of the TEXT file of each area’s top-rated problem proposal. We include a hyperlink at the end of those pages that navigates to the holon’s website. We hope citizens will be hooked by the excerpts and follow the hyperlink to read the full problem proposal on the holon’s website.


18. Actions by the Company

The following are the material actions the ZTM Technologies SPC expects to take in the future to achieve its social-purpose goals:

  1. Build software
  2. Make software open source
  3. Make data transparent using the blockchain (when we can or have a chance to)
  4. Educate people about the existence of this software and system
  5. Continue refining the software to improve the user experience


19. Financial Measures

These are the financial measures of the ZTM Technologies SPC:

  1. Use funds to build software
  2. Use funds to educate people about the existence of the software and ecosystem
  3. Use funds in any other ways towards healthy ways to accomplish the goals listed in this entire document


20. Operating Measures

These are the operating measures the ZTM Technologies SPC expects to take action in the future achieve our social-purpose goals:

  1. Build software
  2. Make software open source
  3. Make data transparent using the blockchain (when we can or have a chance to)
  4. Attempt to educate people about the existence of this software and system
  5. Continue refining the software to improve the user experience


21. Other Measures

The previous section lists all the measures ZTM has currently planned.


22. Supporting the Black Community

While it might appear new to many, the rigged economy has existed throughout history. Companies and the rich have taken money in an unethical way from citizens or specific demographics.

1776-1860: Slavery

  • Slavery is, at its core, a rigged economy
  • The true goal was stealing wealth from the slaves who worked for nothing to boost the profits of plantation owners
  • People focus on the brutality and disenfranchisement of slavery. However, much more focus should be placed on the fact that slavery served the ultimate purpose of stealing wealth from workers via a rigged economy. The violence was a means to an end, and that end was extra profits at all costs.

1860 – 1940: Jim Crow laws

  • When social security was created, only white people were able to receive the benefit
  • Black people were blocked from attending law and medical schools.
  • In the south, laws prohibited employees from leaving their employer except once a year. Or they would have to pay back all their earnings. This law blocked competitive salaries and kept them artificially low
  • Many other injustices that were fixed by civil rights laws
  • Everything listed above identifies how wealth was legally but unethically taken from black citizens. This system allowed recipients to boost profits off of this rigged economy

1940 – 1970: Lack of Civil Rights laws

  • Black employees were paid a far lower salary than their white counterparts for the same job, by the same company
  • Redlining in mortgage loans prevented homeownership. It trapped people into overpaying for lower-quality apartments by trapping them into a confined section of the city
  • And much more in this area…
  • Everything above illustrates how money/wealth and opportunities were taken from black citizens. Much of the money that should have gone to black citizens instead went to beneficiaries of the rigged economy

The U.S. economy has been rigged in a targeted way, against black citizens. It has caused incredible damage to the black community.

The Zero Theft Movement is focused on fixing this potential problem, as the rigged economy could continue to take money unethically if we don’t do anything about it.

The Zero Theft Movement plans to have large-scale breakthroughs for the black community by:

  1. Measuring how, in 2021, the specific ways the rigged economy is greatly magnified against big parts of the black community
  2. While citizens might vote parts of the economy as rigged, there could be extra damages to big parts of the black community

The Zero Theft Movement will get to the racist part of the rigged economy a few years into the future.

OUR BIG REQUEST: please support the Zero Theft Movement! Support the software, ecosystem, and people behind the movement. We need your help and active participation to make the software and ecosystem self-sustaining, healthy, widely accepted, and credible.

With your support, we can fix the rigged economy and create a system that works for everyone (including the black community). Securing the ecosystem for the future will allow the Zero Theft Movement to later tackle the racist section of the rigged economy. We need the first generation of software and ecosystem to succeed in order to specifically eliminate the racist parts of the rigged economy in the future.

The Zero Theft Movement Founder