Collaboration through Debate: Harnessing Knowledge to Defeat Crony Capitalists

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Many forums feature civilized debates between intelligent, knowledgeable users. These are individuals who keep up with current events, who are informed about how the U.S. government functions, who may have years of professional experience in one or more industries. 

When news on crony capitalism breaks, the reports often find their way onto our social media feeds or into our everyday conversations. The economic foul play receives attention for a few days perhaps, but eventually recedes into the ether as most news does.

I call these situations ‘pin pricks,’ quick periods of focused pain. 

Making the Pin Prick Memorable

People feel the pain and recognize the injustice, but quickly move on with their lives. Maybe they feel the problem is too large for them to even begin solving; maybe they have too much going on in their lives. Ultimately they aren’t taking the extra step to recognize how each distinct case is actually part of a large-scale, repeating pattern of theft. They often fail to realize how the powerful steal by creating a rigged layer on top of the ethical healthy economy, siphoning off millions, even billions, of dollars every year. While each news report likely does a stellar job of exposing crony capitalism, we are collectively failing to connect the dots and figure out where the foul play lies and how we plan to combat it.

This same problem regularly happens in discussion forums. A news event happens (such as the LIBOR scandal), and it gets discussed online for a short period. Three days later, it’s like it never happened. All of the great facts and knowledge amassed just sits around receiving little to no attention. We must start harnessing that information to fix combat crony capitalists and eradicate the rigged layer of the economy.

Enter the Zero Theft Movement

ZTM empowers forum users through a platform dedicated to creating that complete picture of theft in the U.S. economy. The facts and knowledge that come from your online discussions and debate directly go to building a case that an area of the economy is rigged. By banding together, we have the opportunity to address each instance where crony capitalists might have ripped us off. 

The ZTM will target discussion forums in order to:

    1. Recruit experts of various industries to build credibility, educate the public about problem areas, and help develop the best economic model to estimate theft in each problem area;
    2. Encourage people to get involved in the movement through voting, authoring proposals, etc.;
    3. Post about specific problem proposals in order to spark discussion and collaboration, allowing for the best ideas to emerge;
    4. Collaborate with others to discuss and conclude which economic model best approximates the amount of theft; 
    5. Debate on if any given problem area should be viewed as theft (if what crony capitalists are doing in that specific instance does not violate any laws). 

We must remain vigilant, as moderators and/or industry plants could try to derail the ZTM. Citizens will remain powerless if crony capitalists can censor and kill debate. We all have a responsibility to remain watchful and call out any dubious behavior.

Standard Disclaimer

The Zero Theft Movement does not have any interest in partisan politics/competition or attacking/defending one side. We seek to eradicate theft from the U.S economy. In other words, how the wealthy and powerful rig the system to steal money from us, the everyday citizen. We need to collectively fight against crony capitalism in order for us to all profit from an ethical economy.   

Terms like ‘steal,’ ‘theft,’ and ‘crime’ will frequently appear throughout the book. Zero Theft will NOT adhere strictly to the legal definitions of these terms (since congress sells out). We have broadly and openly defined terms like ‘steal’ and ‘theft’ to refer to the rigged economy and other debated unethical acts that can cause citizens to lose out on money they deserve to keep.